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Build InA Fireplace mantel surround and Build in is a great way to turn an ordinary living room into an elegant, refined space. The mantel is the heart of the fireplace and can come in a variety of designs,both simple and intricate. Whether you’re looking for an elaborate Victorian design or modern look for a new Los Angeles home, a fireplace mantel can do the trick.

In addition to the visual appeal a fireplace mantel provides, it can also add valuable shelf space, and be a great location to place pictures, books, candles or any other item. We can design and build your fireplace mantel to the exact specifications you desire. Any intricate pattern you like can be installed, as well as the height, width and number of shelves you want. You can also select the right color, type of wood and finish that best matches your home.Tonov Construction IncIMG_5214



  • Fireplace Mantels & Surrounds – Design – Build – Install … (paint grade)
  • Built-In Bookcases: Offices, Libraries, Closets, Entertainment Centers
  • Kitchen Cabinets installation
  • Custom Cased Openings: Fluted, Paneled, Arched, Plain
  • Entablatures, Window Cornices & Valances
  • Arches, Half Walls, 1/2 Wall Bookcases, Architraves, etc.
  • Coffered Ceiling Treatments …any design (paint grade)
  • Ceiling Mouldings, Ceiling Panels
  • Vintage Wood Beam Cladding
  • Beadboard Ceiling Treatments

Kitchen RemodelingIMG_3684