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Adrienne Albert

If I could adopt Nick Tonov, I would!  He is a fastidious and hard worker.  His work is extraordinary.  Everything he does, he does with a commitment to perfection.  He finishes things to his sense of perfection which is about as perfect as anyone could get.  He is a joy to work with, and I have every intention of using him exclusively for the next portion of refurbishing my apartment.  I’d give him an 11 out of 10!

Description of work:

Tonov Construction took my old condo built in 1959 and brought it into the 21st century.  He went from demolishing and removing all the old paneling on the walls to prepping and painting and finishing the entire one bedroom apartment  so that it looks like it was built yesterday.  He removed portions of walls and finished off the entrances to the kitchen and bedroom sections to perfection.  He also built a storage unit down in the garage that is the best looking one in the whole complex!



Armando Bello

My wife and I are very happy with job done! Everything came out as we imagined it! Tonov Construction fulfilled with every detail noted and more!
Our project was scheduled for 7 working days, each day he would arrive on time and clean up at the end of his work day.
Our home looks awesome! I definitely recommend him to anyone who needs this type work done.

Description of work:

Tonov Construction provided base board moulding and casing installation throughout our home. He came to our home to show us the different types of moulding and casing available. He gave a detailed overview of the work that was going to be performed, provided valuable insight and suggestions as well. After taking measurements he provided a quote which we were happy with! He was courteous and professional.



Adrienne Levin

Nick was always on time and stayed until late in day. The plastering was excellent, very smooth and the cracks don’t show. His painting was perfect. The small carpentry tasks were completed perfectly. He helped me identify paint colors and went through my paint cans in storage to see what was needed to replenish. Extremely helpful person with great attitude.

Description of work:

Painting, sanding, plastering, window cranks replaced, carpentry.



Ryan Janis

I hired Niky last year to paint my office in Beverly Hills, CA.  The job went so well that when I moved into my new home the following year, he was the first person I called.  I am extremely satisfied with his pricing and quality of work.  Very trustworthy.

Description of work:

Painted my office last year, and my apartment last month.



Molan Choi

Absolutely, this provider is my go-to person whenever I have problems at home from small fixes to major interior make over. He is very friendly, ethical, and professional and pursues the highest standards of work done. I have never raised questions for his price since I trust him that he is not going to overprice. I am personally very glad to have a chance to recommend him to other people. His work performance is always far beyond my expectation and had never had smallest complaints about what he had done.

Description of work:

(1) Installed four new windows.
(2) Fixed main door.
(3) Painted exterior.
(4) Painted whole interior of home.
(5) Fixed living room floor.
(6) Did general maintenance for my home for long time.
(7) Fixed kitchen sink.



Mona Motamedi

Excellent! Nick is so professional and will not leave until the job is done perfectly. I asked him to paint one wall in a room but he was not happy with the look and painted the entire room free of charge. I had a plumbing emergency at night and he came within minutes and refused to charge me. He is not only a great worker but an honest man. I recommend him highly.

Description of work:

Nick is amazing!! He took out a Murphy bed and reinstalled it at my parents house more than 60 miles away. He also did electric work, painting and tv mounting for me.